Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. It took a little bit for Gary to grow on me, but a video that he did essentially about never being too old for anything. Gary has been an entrepreneur all his life. Vaynerchuk explained the meaning behind his ‘You're gonna die' advice he shelled out to the women and wanted her to understand life's perspective.

While big PR agencies have long offered social media as one of many services, Vayner focuses on it, counseling clients to shift much more of their marketing budgets to social media efforts. It's just, you got to understand, you can't have everything all the time always.

This is precisely why he has turned one of his staff members from VaynerMedia into the shadow of his life” who now follows him at conferences and local events to record all his statements and turn them into high-value social media content that could inform, entertain and educate his audience.

It's just going to be much easier for you if you recognize that you suck at it. You aren't going to be fifty years old and still waiting for your "big break." You will be living a happy life, doing the thing you love to do, and understanding that you need to work another job to pay for that passion.

He isn't afraid to make his voice heard and lead the pack; he understands the new realities of the 2015 content marketing industry check here and doesn't hesitate to lend a helping hand to small business owners looking for pertinent advice on how to grow their businesses.

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